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before I go on, let me start off with some random story that I found in the spams in my email. this was dated back some 2 years ago? just found it again the other day. lol. xD


Boy: ABC.

Girl: Huh?

Boy: Always Be Careful.

Girl: And?

Boy: DEFG: Don't Ever Forget Girl.

Girl: Are you…?

Boy: HI? Happy In-love.

Girl: And so?

Boy: JKLM: Just Keep Loving Me.

Girl: So how about NOPQRSTUVWXYZ?

Boy: (thinking) No Other Person Quite Reasonable Shall Treat U Very Well Xcept me, You'll Zee!



I don’t know if you find it funny too, but I’ve just let out an epic laughter with that simple story. xD. I just can’t help it. and here goes this song playing in my mind…. Let it goooo~


oh my meow… whatever happened to all the previous knowledge I had with dA emoticons. you remember it, don’t you? how I used to include in my journal entries the most fine assortment of emotes? xD how I used to exploit the very little knowledge I possessed regarding art into maximum use through the emotes? xD


ever since I decided to leave dA for a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiLLLLLLLLLeeeeee, my emotes had been reduced into simple XD’s, XP’s, :D’s, :)’s, :*’s, etc. during my first few days of being away from dA, I still got the habit of putting the ‘XD’ within colons especially when I chat with my classmates in Facebook. very embarrassing! :blush:


I don’t know how much I’d grown since then. I’m already in 3rd year college, the same year level with Sitraxis, although my height still remained the same as when I graduated from high school. :giggle: I still got 2 more years at school though. I’m praying really, really much that I get to finish my business management studies. The only thing that’s keeping me at school is my scholarship. :love: I never thought at first that I’d be given such opportunity! and I quickly grabbed it! :love:

I’m currently loving the kind of education I am getting at the university. Mine has a curriculum of liberal arts. My major business subjects came only this semester, and I got 3 of them. The next semester would be another 2 majors… such tough life!

Especially this sem I got 2 philosophies: Ethics and Family. And no, my ‘philosophy on the family’ subjects isn’t sex education, I’m telling ya!! xD

It’s something more than that….. you know, philo stuffs. I used to question the relevance of philo in my business studies. Srsly, am I gonna talk about esse and esse once I got to corporate world?? but later on, I realized the huge importance of philo. I realized that I wasn’t different, after all.

Remember when I used to post journal entries regarding my childish rants on being a peerless person who couldn’t talk beyond a stutter? :XD: I still suffer verbal handicap, though, but I’m trying my best to overcome this.

One thing I realized ever since I got to college was that, I wasn’t really shy. It was just that….. I got intimidated. Really, really intimidated. I got embarrassed easily. Dunno why. Or maybe insecurity issues, since I find extroverts really blessed with verbal talents.

Talking about extroverts, I learned that I was an introvert!! But when I took temperament tests, the results came out to be that I was a choleric. At first I thought: “the hell?!?!” a choleric is an extrovert…. And I’m an introvert!! But my mentor cleared things up with me, saying that the second dominant temperament in me had been melancholic, so maybe I was a blend of choleric-melancholic….. :XD:


Aah, time flows really fast. I’d done some backreading with my previous dA journals, and I was like…. THE HELL?! Have I really composed these…. These childish rants?? And then I had to laugh so hard to myself because it was just so nice to realize right now what kind of mentality I had possessed when I was younger!!

And yes, I’m already 18. I can now be sent to jail, don’t you think? :XD: JOKE!!

So I joined dA when I was around 12… or 13 years old?? Ahahaha!

It’s just so nice that, after some weeks of academic pressure, I found relaxation through looking at my old drawings. :love: I wasn’t able to draw anything decent recently. Most of my drawings nowadays were scribbles in my notebooks every time I feel so sleepy in a subject.

I don’t know when I can draw again. I’m currently on my way to my dreams. Remember how I used to tell you how I really, really wanted to become a pilot?? That never change, though. That’s still my ambition!! *U*


And of course, I am super duper glad with the people who still keep on being my friends here on dA. :love: i appreciate all of you very much! i feel so loved! :love: of all the things I ask from you is that…. You remember me. And you never forget me even with my long inactivity here on dA. I know that I still owe some of you my artworks ahaha. :XD: I don’t know when I can draw again, though. I’m still enriching my soul intellectually and in a humanizing way, and I want to have a firm hold of these attributes before I ever start drawing for you. :love:

And yes, my lovely’s, have a GOD-blessed day!! ‘till next time!





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